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Africa in Motion

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Short and Documentary Film Competitions

Shortlisted Films for our 2016 Short and Documentary Film Competitions 

The aim of the Africa in Motion Short Film and Documentary Competitions is to nurture and support young and new filmmakers from all over the African continent, in the knowledge that making films can be a real challenge and with hope that the substantial cash prize will be invested in future projects by the filmmaker. A high profile jury of local and international film specialists and established African filmmakers will choose the competition winners, to be announced during this year’s festival, which is set to take place between the 28 October - 6 November.


The selected films of the Short Film Competition are:

The Suit Dir. (Jarryd Coetsee, South Africa, 2016)
The Purple House (Selim Gribaa, Tunisia 2014)
The Call of Trung (Regragui Hicham, Morocco, 2015)
Lost in Transmission (Jasyn Howes, South Africa, 2015)
Rod Zegwi Dan Pikan (Azim Moollan, Mauritius, 2015)
I will die and go to my father (Diek Grobler, South Africa, 2014)
An ordinary blue monday (Naomi van Niekerk, South Africa, 2014)
Early Autumn (Jac Hamman, South Africa, 2014)


The selected films of the Documentary Film Competition are:

The Boers at the End of the World (Richard Finn Gregory, South Africa, 2015)
Red Ochre - the Last Guards of the Holy Fire (Tim Drabandt & Fanon Kabwe, Germany/ Nambia, 2016)
Aji-Bi (Raja Saddiki, Morocco, 2015)
Nobody's Died Laughing (Willem Oelofsen, South Africa, 2016)
Action Kommandant (Nadine Angel Cloete, South Africa, 2016)


Short Film Jury Members

Yvonne Dublin-Green, Channel Manager at African Movie Channel
Maimouna Doucure, Winner of last years Short Film Competition
Przemek Stepien, Artistic Director of AfryKamera
Sarah Dawson, former Manager at the Durban International Film Festival and has worked for various festivals such as Sheffield DOC/FEST and Africa in Motion


Documentary Jury Members

Noe Mendelle, Director of Scottish Documentary Institute, Film & TV
Daniel Nyalusi, Assistant Festival Director of ZIFF
Tebeho Edkins, Winner of last years Documentary Competition
Kinsi Abdulleh, Numbai Arts
Darryl Els, Festival Director of Encounters




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