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Africa in Motion

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28th October
6th November
Chema Ben Chaabene in My Shoes by Anis Lassoued
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11 November 2016

Africa in Motion: As I Open My Eyes (2015) Review by Stella Yanakieva

To sing and be in danger of losing her life, or not to sing and be in danger of losing her soul and heart: this is the question for Farah, a 18-year-old girl from Tunis, whose true passion is reserved for music. Read more

8 November 2016

INTERVIEW with Tim Drabandt, director of Red Ochre – The Last Guards of the Holy Fire By: Helene AUDUREAU

Mid-October, I had the opportunity to watch the 30’ documentary film Red Ochre – The Last Guards of the Holy Fire by Tim Drabandt and Fanon Kabwe. It will be screened on 5th November at CCA as part of the Documentary Competition of the AIM 2016. Read more

1 November 2016

Diek Grobler Interview By: Erika Rodriguez Horillo

Diek Grobler is a multidisciplinary South African artist and the director of “Ek Sal Sterf en na my Vader Gaan” (I Will Die and Go to my Father), one of the films shortlisted for the AiM Short Film Competition. Read more

19 October 2016

Roaring Abyss Review: Dancing in the Streets

It would be more useful to describe Roaring Abyss as an immersive musical experience than a conventional piece of cinema. There is no traditional narrative structure or performances by actors portraying specific characters. Instead Roaring Abyss is a compilation of a large variety of performers from many of Ethiopia’s diverse... Read more

17 October 2016

Me a Belgian, My Mother a Ghanaian (2016) Review

At the age of 14, Adams Mensah and his sister moved from their native Ghana to join their father in Belgium, leaving behind their mother and the rest of their family. Three years later, at the age of only 46, his mother suffered a massive stroke that left her partially... Read more

13 October 2016

An Interview with Robbie McCallum on his debut film Atlantic Heart

After getting the chance to catch an early look at the debut film from Govanhill born filmmaker Robbie McCallum, Atlantic Heart, I had the opportunity to ask Robbie some questions to find out more about the goings-on behind the scenes of his film. Read more

11 October 2016

AiM 2016 Competition Selection Process By: Grant Halliday

Helping to curate Africa in Motion’s short film and documentary competitions for this year’s festival has been both an enlightening and interesting challenge. As a student studying MLitt Film and Television at the University of Glasgow, getting involved in AiM allowed me to build upon my studies and gain practical... Read more

9 October 2016

Atlantic Heart (2016) Review: A Heartfelt Tale

Atlantic Heart is one of only three films to emerge from the islands of Cape Verde off the Norwest coast of Africa. It is also the directorial debut of Govanhill born Robbie McCallum which makes Atlantic Heart a truly unique piece of cinema. Read more

9 October 2016

Zin Li Fik (Much Loved) 2016 Review

We all dream of a better life, whether it’s a better house, nicer clothes and shoes, not having to worry about bills or putting food on the table, or just wanting a plane to fly us to a tropical island; we all have aspirations, and Noha, Soukaina, Randa, and Hlima... Read more

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